FAQ. Bad Credit Car Loans.

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How to Get a Bad Credit Car Loan in Toronto, Ontario.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Getting a bad credit car loan in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario is easy. Most financing companies offer online applications. A few companies even offer same-day pre-approval. Here are 6 easy steps on how to get a bad credit car

Is Borrowing Money Good or Bad for my Credit?

How does borrowing money affect my credit? Borrowing money in itself is neutral – it can work in your favour or against you depending on how you handle paying back your creditors. If you stay on top of payments, especially

Credit History. What it is, How it affects Car Loan Interest Rates.

Credit history determines interest rates and if you can get a loan at all, it  provides insight about your financial health and financial responsibility. Your credit history, rating, and score provide insight on how likely you are to pay a

Buying a Used Car. What to look for, with Inspection Checklist.

Used Car Inspection Checklist Inspect the car in daylight. Inspect the interior, brake and accelerator pedals. Recent replacements can indicate wear & tear. Examine the outside of the car closely. Waves on the car’s body can mean bodywork or accidents.

Find a Reputable Car Dealer in Ontario, easy checklist.

The Ontario auto trade industry has regulatory bodies to identify reputable car dealers. Look for the UCDA and OMVIC logos and verify if a dealer is registered with UCDA on their web-site. The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario, UCDA,

Car Proof vehicle history report. What is it, Where, and How to get it.

Whether financing a car loan or buying a used car, Car Proof vehicle history report is a helpful resource available online or from your car dealer. Car Proof is Canada’s leading provider of comprehensive vehicle history reports to consumers, car

Information Ontario Car Dealers must provide to Buyers, easy checklist.

In Ontario, by law a car dealer must provide the buyer with The make, model, and year of the vehicle. Whether the vehicle is “branded.” If the vehicle was damaged and irreparable, or, partially damaged and deemed salvageable. If the

How to Repair your Credit in just 6 months, easy checklist.

To repair your credit fast just show financial responsibility for 6 months and your credit score will improve significantly: Pay your bills on time or make at least the minimum payments on your credit cards and loans each month. Keep

What to do if you Owe More on a Car than its Value.

If you owe more on your car than it is worth it is called to be “upside down” on your car loan. The value of the car is less than the amount left to pay-off on the loan. Many people

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